About Me


Livin. Growin. Knowin. 

Straight from the concrete runway, gum-stained sidewalks, stoop-sittin, hair twistin, and black mommas yellin’ out the window for they kids to come home, I hail from Harlem. Home of Hard Knocks University, I got my first degree between the streets of 7th and Lenox avenues. I am a poet, a writer, a thinker, a talker, a reader, and a believer. Imma goal digga and a glo’ getta.  I promote Black women’s empowerment and strive to pass knowledge and life lessons to my peers. Ubuntu is my philosophy, and I embody it by constantly puttin’ my peers on, whether it be via knowledge, networks, or coupons, I’m lifting as I climb, always.  I graduated cum laude from Hobart & William Smith Colleges, with a degree in Sociology, and minors in Africana Studies and Public Policy. In 2017, I was granted a Fulbright award and served as an English Teaching Assistant in Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m a Harlem hustla and a school-book scholar; together, my experiences allow me to reach multiple audiences, keep it real, and blend all aspects of my identity with poetic prose and personal flair. This blog aspires to inspire, and I hope through honesty, humility, and hilarity I can heal, give hope, and help.

I be livin, I be growin, I be Knowin’.